Held within iris. 

With the fresh eyes of italic perspective 

used in clock makers duplicating 

Guilt edge digressions by the second 

they multiple their jealousy in 

Hand’s they once concealed 

in congealed riddles 

of there’s only one way too count 

out capillaries in your socket  

Clear the boards whilst eyes

Roll in like the sleeping waves


Beckoning you untowards dreams 

Held within sparking iris of silent minds.


as the feat of kerb chasing misspelt frogs 

For autographed photographs 

Sigfried made it Personal thinking 

that no one could hear those 

Surrendered shaded hands 

Of settling old score.

until you find that spacebar inserted 

For a line break lemon pancakes 

with sparklers Lets retread 

Mountains of diction history.