So consumed by the scene they wished To own 

As audiences were felled by apnea 

They failed to stop the motioning showreel 

The missile dropping into the waves 

as the jewellery Store is closed 

As they boarded planes in jeans to see the world

And pick out clothes to dress in ways

That may apparel to princesses on darklight beaches

Once of teen fashion magazines 

Carnivals Found across from Acorn colleges 

Building connections to glowing furnace 

Feeding Bigger society busy encouraging

The engaging with men whom had already 

Experienced serviced Desire 

Dining with fashion buyers and trying hooves.

As the alibis are now top shelved 

Away From those hands that think they can decode 

What I was trying to say hidden in a comma and toes.

Popularism will go to your head and lead you to trees 

And the clearing of fields for that ride on 

A Empty motorway.