Country wide blackout.

Moving the detrimental litter from gardened streets 

flagging down a black cab from amongst 

The gargoyles of Well hidden below a

street that made it out of planning 

to Stargaze Over a now distant embers

Even with Country wide blackouts

Nothing can be seen.
whilst Staring down your sleeves

Asking are you really any wiser than me.
silver boots and rabbits feet

As you lose the map to a future 

Fortunes lost on a Page you stroke.
Plain tree days of triangles 

float across the airfield screen

papering over cracks of archaic ribs 

taught to miss the Kiss and make up 

With flashing lens and London ashes 

a curtsied walk the southern mile.
With mice bow tied and dressed as men

listening to island on the dialed in again  

As they build new model gods too old oratory 

Whilst Building radio covers stuffed 

with Crosswords.
Smoking stacks of tumbling plumes

Plumes of tumbling smoking stacks.