Claws of little Pin ups.

Skipping out on the dropped jaws 

Of jumping Jackanory pin up’s 

slacks that would often be laid 

bare hundreds of story’s 

at the spotty dogs paws of little 

Known lies are misplaced facts 

Yellow iron cadmium on calico 

Whilst cavalcade of cherry pip 

arguments Littered the railroad 

of ideology lets tooth pick rationale 

The broiled beef of Can’t you count 

The sixteenth botanicals your drinking 

The director sailed out to sea in tranquility 

the wax coated catacombs of capillaries 

Of moral Dilemmas bookmarked 

For conjuror to swallow 

the tourist a bootlegger a latte 

Maketh the coastguards 

Cards games of coastal man 

that became caves of illicit 

filling the life preserved bodices 

Of mummified mountain

Remains percentile Proof 

thermoreactive emotional

investment was nothing to turn 

the turnstiles eyes on the axis 

of go function yourself 

The flight is cancelled like

Ogre’s hop piñata practice 

pays dividends in the annual 

Tapping out of disfunctional claims

Dictionary of television chained 

Freemen banging Plantation drums 

of rose hips quince and forget 

the tea and quills bars cloche 

This is the original song sung 

Drunk in keys of sanguine 

Sober blue hounds adept 

at rearranging dancers antlers  

For hanging the sou’wester’s

Swing set of lies 

like all the best confessor’s

Attempt to make chairs fly 

Diary of the miaow of Amber 

Gravity often Divisible is 

Depletion kindling 

Big tangerine eating cheese 

Considered everything and remember

The book of sneezes is a 

Epitaph of numbers.