Delving into rewiring lights.

Your the twelve light along a cold white wall

A broken fuse on the paddle Steamer of a 

Theatrical life a switch in which Im already well verse

as I’m mocked for miss spelling red 

Whilst I read diamond palms

So I won’t do that again.
Always up late waiting for the paper talk 

delays set to start at one minute to six 

and I already know I can’t fix this situation 

even with red phone and time.
reeling back on heels and a sitation 

on a already taped recorded mind 

As i paddle amongst dried valley’s searching for 

Others that choose fences to see comets 

Waiting for the bunker clue in the already Submerged.
Post eighties drip dry Murcurial blue

Pull it apart and then rewire its head

Platters for its naivety and its new bed. 
Sleepwalking through history 

And binning prescriped meds.