Dilating in the dark.

Scratching your nose because in this game 

i can see your guilty tells even if you 

Think others cant as you wear

your pendulums in sunken frames 

which are dilating in the dark of alarm 

calls for early rising fornicating apes that 

Swung out into the world looking

for like minds.

sabotage the breathless automobile

Shutter speed eyed starched paper 

arching to salutations 

the agents of thumbed hands in saline.

The ideas of dignity found more in keeping 

with a beach of Magician tricks 

And did the learning curve ever look this bleak.

What blend of Latin is artimouse teaching 

The wired jawline to talk through straws 

crawling through the knee’s of faust 

theatre binoculars released to see where hands 

Laid out the book  on estuarys and trees.