Doppelgänger voices. (diary) 

Doppelgänger voices echo on grinding 

teeth mammalian’s tenderly hooked

On radio love found in glands 

in between feudalist laws 

And too many times folding 

I twisted myself like barley 

In rods and rounds of empty wire 

baskets grounded in dispointment

inflight movies sighs at crown cuts 

Growing back into the restlessness  

slept off with the already brought 

A empty book of thoughts a bow 

and bourbon hand

the walk to ticket machine regression 

the revellers awaiting Pepys  show

In a barely root dandelion dance 

Watching the terra ferme ripple 

Like Tarpaulin marching 

Off to pose in recreation parks

Branches replacing tusks with 

Chrome exhausts tufts brushes 

in press Release reviews  

Shirts covered in emissions 

Test tubes chokes in service 

and pre internet search for 

Wolfsburg castle air cooled

rushes lost weekends examining 

Escaping death in dark marbling 

writing dogged in determination 

Whilst rats grapple with 

amateur pornos being made 

In dustbin knolls of pate pate