Draw Lines of sight.

Is the land still as fascinating as the last nights dream

Lotus petals floating out to the seas 

The appearance of greater Meridian time.

That Occurs thirteen feet sooner over here

There’s a lightbulb fused in automatic Camera 

Attracting views for a half penny  

Struck from a deal on a Cigarette card.
you could always use a decoded reference 

I’m reliable informed to jump start this vocal exercise 

with the Publicity shy Bronzer who might once have been 

Other to assist light your pre rolled destiny

Of fancy dress fusiler.
A town that sold twenty four hour ships

A ship that sold twenty four hour towns.
I remember being read stories of what maketh a man 

who made matches moved a house from a pier to the hill

clearing lines of sight to view the city mile from here.
Built upon every capital lock in idealism 

from a compass spun to different words for Gods

And still the captain can’t tame the Argonauts lighting strikes

Found Above historic friends names with ambitious foes.