Electric switches.

Directions to home video stores 

to point our toes into the water of a stream

A bottle neck of consciousness 

proof reading code building games on a screen

As a plate that vies for par core on the rough.
whilst the flys meet electrical discharge

metre rule and luck themselves out 

trapped in funeral houses the Lief of ants.
Vikings agents often found the neon blue tree

And found there’s a on switch but no off.

In thesis of haunted lands of used stacks and rubbers bandstand

We were all born into this world alone and will probably learn to read 

there’s a train up the steepe to those that want to be.
To views of telecommunication mountains

to drink industrious loose tea neatly packaged 

In a Neutrality zone of one plus six 

here’s the lotus flowerings growing from Beneath 

a frozen impeller and a slate peak.
type the samba backwards And you get the numbers for bossanova 

of the Amber grist and automatic Journeys in ambassadors 

to meet witty humanitarians and mile markers to the big sur pied 

And say shire quick enougth others ears may prick 

And hear something you didn’t mean 

As they chuck you knotted line to get the measured depth.