Extinct currency’s.

Coins on eyelids switching between teatime geckos 

Stuck on Spanish veranda neck braces pinch your skin 

He so was rightly corrected of the realited hours 

the currency’s extinct here asparagus spears euphemism

With so little to trade the stars begin to look appealing rough

as does bandage nicknamed cerebral from over there

Tickets please and lessons are at nine and then three 

Enough time to catch a train change a cam belt 

And be caught hitching Trousers made in Cambridgeshire

Dogs scratched holes in honeycomb doors those dailha lies

Staring at obituary ingredients on parchment that make 

As much sense as nesting on skyscrapers Mainstreaming 

red route to a statuette that won’t cry for the offerings 

Of healing the world of applause