Facial regulations.

Your need for army regulation debriefing 

for the premolar search is customary  

at immigration with perfumed requests 

And a fragrance order with the western 

world watching the beginnings of liquid 

crystal pouring over smoking room and ice.


How Do you Pacifically greet anaphylactic 

human when fresh cut flowers raise a frown 

And Can you hold your breath for the train 

as the narcoleptics tongue turn blue.


as your ears pop to facial riffing 

tuned too recognition expressionism 

And clacker board trunks of the overheard

Storaged in Orange timings of a junction. 


Those that are found wanting are often ridden 

to the farthermost shores to plant a beanstalk

Where they weep for feathered eye.


Whilst the doors to astrobiology answers 

remain furnaced an sealed.