Wire on diamond. 

What if the führer was a worn  

world guide to boiling assam 

Fahrenheit thermometer 

spray alt of further reading

More to the point 

The rum was coming 

On stronger than a nautical 

sailor delightful one sided

Tale of Riding on its Jerry can 

home truth brewing in retrospect 

The long weekend swashbuckling  

Watching amyl nitrate party tour

Resisting the urge to tourniquet 

wrists the night away

As it drags security through Alleyways 

on riverside bars trying to remix 

hypnotise with a new hymns 

Progression of Top shelf digressions 

Bottling  voices made of soap suds 

blue for silent movies with the

Dead turning their gurning 

Toungues in graves guarded 

By the cherub and cheeks

Cut on Wire of diamonds  

You can tattoo the Moon 

and colour it pink .