Fairy heist.

Satanism was found to be treatable within

four centurys of being diagnosed 

Using factors of ten sun tan lotion 

And placing a hoop through its nose.

You know you have had to much to drink 

when you start the blaming rotisserie pens

Which lived over on the once tree lined.

There’s a child standing idling by counting 

The threads in Red carpets And lullabies it sings 

to a wallaby with a battery less tamagotchi hen

he looks like he could be electrically twitching.

Saying please Eat me and let me suggest

Germanic wines lists as accompanist

a full glass is only half empty until the refill

And when Your green backs won’t stretch that far

this is a road you have traveled to far To get wings.

And you could always lie about that dress you brought 

That didn’t really fit you and say its for your mannequin 

High speed minds Tunnel for train tan go.