Questions of what a dozen dirty dreams 

about damascus Covered in sleet 

and how a chicken cap in a coop

Crossed the street to make Claims 

to have reinventing sleepwalking the earth 

having Witnessed the finger tips cut bow on planes 

whilst learning to cross-stitch goto hell 

the redundant peaks it mistakenly believes it 

Can be ground down by glacier rift and rotary lift 

Having stopped running for snow melt season 

Your learn to love the chaos over calm 

Ignore instincts the rise to take Karaoke pictures 

with the volume turned down on fanfare 

fast food like a piping hot sleeping policeman 

trying to enjoy there Cerebral spiced wings 

under halogen apricot poodle signals 

it’s true what they say use branding irons on the 

Wax tops to guarantee swine its safe to drink

As marinading jetliner hot sugar boiling could’ve 

Found a shortcut in international tourism

The trouble is it brought me closer to you

When wool was dyed with Scot bonnets.

Commiserations on ever record you would hold 

a Key to its a lustrous life seven forty seven am

Second service same coat your round 

the work you couldn’t do you poured for me 

on your wedding day we witnessed the 

Acclimatising to green ice tea.