Fastener the velcrows.

Falses lashes and was there any doubt

Of the muse in the fastened genetic twist

Tuning the roll footed from French to baths.
the postured linguistics keys Shrinking Declarations  

Safety Pins of revolution and is it me or are there sceptres 

Listening In the room that Become a field Reminiscent 

of two peice zebra mosaic mopisie 

sunset by the Ringmaster of Gentlemans 

Relish and steam after abahn balm.
Contouring conquests as the smoke 

drawn from hans to greeting thirsty eights 

Faints and readjusted safe mode hats 

in round head house.
As it licks up by aqua lilies to sooth its crisp 

Sea sprayed Throat to See pairs of coins reinserted 

certain as the curtains are raised sea coved stage.