Fawkes confession.

Altering the narrative during multiple 

climatic attempts cringing at handwringing 

situation the forwarned is forecast 

the parchment was worth more than 

The equivalent of the conversion 

of fawkes confession laid out 

into braille for Belles.


Saying praying that it’s drink doesn’t

Run dry and the fever eats the weakness.

In that fateful glass that may open up it’s eyes.


when it’s already finished raining and failed 

to read what poured off pages 

What’s the wager were mere totems 

of Sector overspend.


on the free penstrokes of Neanderthal 

taking first steps to arms branching 

Into view.


dwelling on cups filled with illicit 

black dragon Ruminating on 

The roasted Juvenile beans 

Grown near concrete pier

two humps after breakfast 

The atlas they crossed to get here.