Finger printed blood.

Popping pink corsets in a German 

designed Auto flash race to saluting arms

the occult of simmering pink slip horizon to speed 

we submerge to get a rise removing bubbles 

in cells Acquired from to fast a climb.
having plunged to blue spectrum of framed depths 

rubber necking the wreckaged terraforming scene

And who needs theatre watching the spin drying 

You made a tortoises heart race.
Tracking back to beginnings of signatorys

painted fingers to rehearsing bell tolls

numbers of twelve habitual tabled times
With no new leads to follow 

along these wired pines 

Only hope to find a inspectors notebook 

sliced and stapled Across my mind.
spun out in blood of slow decline

smothered within a empty nested love 

They Even harvested the dogs winning name

from surplus stores to tags of antiquated game 

Of clone the dead parrot.
Handing rules to line the cage 

book divided By two rules of thumb

above and below signal stitches.