kelps floats.

courtiers of the floating gulf islands 

State that the confusion with fusion 

Was caused by the imported seaweed 

even with the stability to travel 

against the Axis of the worlds 

soap beaches proved to be there nemesis.

Faked blue rescratched to see if it’s a whirly pigs tails 

The brass regrowth meeting brown nose call house

can you recall the balls prior to the lost night.
Teen angst hat of crown caps  and clocking the twitching 

Paper hearted swan drafted  the stow away sow that been flown

tipping bowls to flirtation seven minutes no return after nine

Little to miss on that untrained eye.

flogging novelty Scandinavia steam room of tube tap dancing  

Heath peaches have stings wheather the signs are there 

Privileges are not often revoked or amazon boarded

the basin of porcelain parcel visible micro coral 

bouyance inverbates Picked up metrology 

illogical emotions and parading the Stolen crystal 

chrome yours a dailha port fabric seems 

Lost strolling in the ageless hippocampus.