Four conjunction’s.

Their were four conjunction’s 

can you connect them too

in a man’s life starting by learning 

to talk and taking advice from 

those that scribed before us 

when to take a corner with a grin 

and bear with it as justice was 

playing the dragoon’s organ 

in this a ode to historic honey bee’s.

Decorating rooms whilst drinking rum 

Playing cards with no clothes on 

Leaving an hour early than expected 

before the pupating worms started 

Helping you with free thinking 

shaving that cold tool you could become 

foaming at the mouth of a river 

looking at the mountain you cannot see

To become  self loathing

Assuming responsibility you could grow one 

Dropping eleven steps in climate 

Doesn’t prove your any less of a man or sun

when caught counting your drinks out 

We remind ourselves of fools and 

blood Fuelled behaviour orange 

pencils Sharpened 

by our own hands on which we sit

In strait margins and gentleman relish 

We share socks during blue and white winter 

Weather as we groom tips of tobacco leafs 

Hoping they grow like beards sported 

Around seafront pavilion brass seal

Made from the scrapped lightbulb fire.