French dressing.

The rules of french cricket 

remain elusive as ever 

When taking assam tea 

Of mono charred remains 

Of ply windmill if looking 

For lighting the pumps 

Dry as the unsold wool 

Would Discussing gametes 

During the trip too Tripoli 

constructing vowels often

Seen on upon brass bypasses 

Lions using chalk to create 

Sums on how to treaty  

and spark one stick against 

another imagining st Plantafacts

that running grain having 

Searched the botany house 

For obliging timber and 

Red square as it’s Yeast of 

a mother location of many species

That are not suitable as flowers 

Having self pollinated 

So opinionated honey keepers 

are not Needed to use In the maketh 

of ginger beer served at 

The finish line of the 

Isle of Man kite flying