French slang.

French slang for the fuel blockade 

As bricks and mortars take flight 

For a defence of a coast that separates oeufs

From the truth Of it 

the Story behind hiding in the Hortons.
Former playground of the lost marbles 

dismantled psyches of the broken skulls

as they plied me up for your imagined sea sickness.
Rehearsed language school as I prepare to 

Leave the atlas room on wood and plane 

To fund a Vauxhall blimp stock market exchange 

crash That burns the tail end of a charter

A plasticine movie to our own superficial edifice.
You Broke my bones for brass and red lettered days

For the children that mispent their own youthful 

pocket change on what was radio free play

As for the fictional study of the present 

finding realism in my retrospect past.