Glow plug refrain. 

Glow plug three chain remained 

hole that appeared scissors to cut and keep

Superficial boxed television dreams 

Black pine oil smoking residue.
syntaxi distortion of mile stone

Always room around my neck  

I’ve been viewing a pigeon hole

space blanket packed frantic rescue text 

and the missing Flare gun 

That might of started a cavemans first fire.
For the expectant three lane m23 viewers

Priory escapist Filming on the bridge 

scrap metal value rescue team looking back

To a stage dive of a missed opportunities 

Watching Frayed flamed wiring guides survey.
Radio dependants start cars on rum by the sea 

The crowd of crows in the tree’s standing next to me 

Binocular’s and ears and coin from me.
Photocopy girls slide on hot bonnets hoovering 

Let’s step back and remember not to intervene

During its manuvering to collect its own brass palm tree.