Gobi hamster.

Watching Gobi desert hamsters fighting over cubes 

Of Patagonia frostbite so when whistling 

to whom would sweep in on these  

ten streets beg borrow for a pan to paddle 

into Godivas shoes with narrow gauge 

to excavate for steamed blue. 

the thrush sitting on the slipstream 

seeding thorny statements to the right 

to turn left and dahlia the radio whilst 

licking the steamed glass drawings clean.

Losing all energy in a state of urgency 

as the sun falls on chaotic sadness 

carved in oriental town tittering on the 

Sink hole of race relations.


stand off or Stand down in which country 

are we now as the geography is smelted enamel 

photo opportunitys on the run around 

Makeshift suburban compass rings 

peaking over mountain towns.