Green ice box.

Clasping at the Green ice box 

Filled with tribal Curses 

The ceremonial Eskimo 

inspected Inflation 

with lantern made of every 

Bone of contention and ate 

The speculation of population 

breeding bacterial cemetery 

society’s ill’s with aspects of 

the ceremony lasting 

the length of narwhale flossing  

Candied tusk of conception 

love of worded gametes 

in seconds projecting results 

from microscope too silk screen for 

The students too view creationism 

In mechanical apple teetering 

on the brink of rhetoric 

extinction as sauropod graze the

Muddy waters gated with rusted 

cranes caressing Library’s 

and Liberty Storks running 

tourist Board of jeopardy 

Trialing spirited measures.