Gym slip. 

The solution to the crisis caused by the idea 

Your a Second World War evacuee ranging 

From Freudian Gym slip to a creature dreaming

Up advertising to encourage tourism on the Clyde tides 

And red coats so your dress up as the raisin girl 

In field beneath towering trees adressing the blue 

Driving tees sand Browns chocolate box Cadillac called 

Delilah with lily white hood and match striking 

By the farmhouse under flight path 

with cricket score secured they can’t take away 

as the chin up bar is closed we reason 

The poster of submariner is awaiting to be signed

And auctioned off to fund the filming of

 pen friends for Faust set on 

The eve of auld Langs I’ve never tasted butter 

Quite as bloodied Mary as this theses might be 

Ape derived and taken seriously as a tree watching the 

Stars since Cromwell the movie still awaiting its fee. 

For the breach lent for a ladder and money box in 

The seventies to wear and still no pink tuxedo award

For the inventor of perpex pin box facial opaque 

Licking the recesses of mushroom cave may prove more

Effective when trying to cure audio visual disturbances

Than drinks from French bottled water and stitching fish