habitutal mice.diary

With the nightlight blown out on the chalk pits 

the stabled fur sent roadside to be 

Stitched with every ode that didn’t make

the screenplay.


on the empty wheel gazing at shoes 

as whistling scenery of a paper weighted 

world that’s does not feature the means 

to reinforces a end.


the tea rung leafs curling on a straining 

Chain that’s dripping with thoughts or

just the words that’s a pourable tea sea.


With a look that’s as still as the morning 

and the triads dispute is staved in stacked doubt 

needling you about feathered Boots 

Awaiting repair.


explanations as holed as the swear jar

A magnetic field of railway crocus 

Usually reserved for habitual sleeping mice.


the scattering of rice drinks that are as spilt 

As the piñata of confection lines swinging 

In the acorn laden tree.