Hart Felt deterants.

Being silly boys often forgetting 

their umbilical cords are cut too

The same size as mothers 

the coins it took to feed the three seconds 

It held its breath hiding behind 

the exhumed curtains of 

Renaissance discoverys 

That brought you brow breaking waves

Chasing Into life Like the hart felt dreams 

often becoming  deterrents in fountains of seas 

While tiger paws soaked in balms held sway over

percussive instruments Palms as the bindhi 

Search light pupils for declaration of conscience 

lost amongst the New Years stars 

missing list Remains of being 

Caught in the subject of glass orbs 

Regiments in the midst of crossing 

rivet hands tied in knots 

the inert gases evaporating 

Leaving tidal markets charred Under 

Trampled Foot’s we watched the rain

And surrender Trust to 

Lustre wear during a trading seasons 

monumental conclusion it arrived 

In the Dark dressed in Chicago gold

Bite your lice covered flesh the dog 

Gave you rusting metal legs a bone.