Heirloom cakes.

What’s the harm in a stale cake 

And Hair caught on loom and tiled plangents 

Come backs made to slam door 

the gawping vultures losing it’s whey

knocking down the Fifth to American made 

horses Seeking sanatorium 

As queues formed to watch them swim for it.
Le gard Dropped that’s bookmatched 

and hop on fuse that Was a relight wine 

soaked rump ride as It makes a cookoo.
vowel sound how’s the wall banging drive 

Lost its mind as they hesitate on borrowed brow 

and they try on older pen Name.
Have you recital planned like alasouros man 

Caught Baking Dexterous and hand scrawling 

In its plucked feathered versed of paradise.
Kin that deafen themselves by design 

In naturalism that run its courses 

in how to rune a dry stone wall.