collecting calls on film to tell me 

News worthy ways of playing with fire and 

How it has the medium on the cable 

to end all Misspelled yellowing heresy. 


i’m glad too have avoided the start 

stags tongue mounted amongst  

piles of iced candy guesses wintering

Saving the solstice risers for the tv.


Assam the stained and strained thoughts 

from Eight nought one like missing out 

On used bubble gum.


to make like the train to see the boys 

losing eared marlbourgh to elks with 

sticks on eyelashes of wooded louse 

To see the ark rebuilt out of bottles 

sparking on coin’s collected to build 

Your own green liberty staring you down.


The tickets colliding with nineteen fiftys 

and what are the odds i told you do not 

disturb me Im probably the dead even & 

hat’s off to looking at the hours idled by.