Hiding in jars. 

I found what you lost in the hills that day 

It was hidden in trees carved out with sworded 


On branches that were weighed

with anonymous notes lovers once wrote on leafs 

that washed away with musket balls 

That swept in on the back of horse.

With that a penny thought of what 

you so deservingly change stitching 

Newtons laws and castles we pour 

out in sand.

pinching at the drakes feathers for hats 

that were saved in azalea’s mane for rainy days

we found the stars mapped out on dust 

strewn boards Lost in the meandering sands 

the Reed’s dropping fast into the streams 

Rippling dreams seen dripping of toes.

Of mutual friends like the humidor magicians. 

We hum hymns that carried the mayflowers away

From daffodil fields to rainbow shores.