To invigorate is to navigate.

Histrionics at holes in a cat that walked in on a story 

But still no real knowledge 

And can you read a world map full of directions 

And all the different names for streets

To invigorate is to navigate.
Towards a hat store to purchase And wear my own oppression

via taking the bull to the opticians of false pride in learning to Read 

I could of learnt to make a paper hat like lears from a on demand tv.
Story’s Of runaways living within rebuilt skylines 

With a oil field of audio but no fish for its line 

Reel lovers of Shakespeare and Second class vocals 

Of A self entitled stamp collector.
With a missing penny black Scoring with 

The words found on Fornicating currency 

And no citation need for the spinning drop

Set to broken ballerina music box 

And a ego laid to rest in nineteen eighty 

and what makes you a free man than me