Hock soup.

Chicken licken found the oldest church 

Was in fact a harbour it was built from 

green eggs and cold ham 

hock soup Say Parfait parfait parfáit 

Gods heading into the China Store 

looking for mung beans to ferment

Excusing dogs at the table Forage 

the muchly used but knave 

Rarely transcribed French Hyphen market 

growing Tea from seed is not Entirely imperial 

There’s a fake accent Doing milk rounds 

If you balance a coin On a milk bottle 

Your taking out anchoring on chains 

Your see agincourt From oceans that

Some sale incorporated yachts others 

engineer excuses to see the hops 

Blowing in the winter breeze of 

Modal primes and End up half baked 

Like trays of Incubators white copper 

Striking light of men powering suits

For Boating to the sound of guess the 

Dos prompting Weather onto c drive 

Because if you don’t mind I don’t mind

as you grew an iris during that period 

Of motor sporting open to interpretation 

and time eucalyptus rainbow hiding 

Iguana foretold recession diving 

For medusa language sash rope

And that walk can now happen 

Without the trip to burn 

Visiting Dead Sea rooting beers

For sea foam scroll riders.