Honeycomb draft exclusion the sounds of the green chalked board.

The draft exclusion is that due to a word

the dog walked away from a kerbside view

that peace it’s been turned into tramlines

its out its in that’s the beauty of childhood  parlour games

There left on a board.
you do the hokey pokey a spell Ing humour

are happy to see me mirror mirror

shark fin nanny glacier super Soup

open the door please, I’m holding it for you now

thats the fine crystal aisle that’s the checkout girl

theres a maze your chips are are down

that horse rider , the castle in the camping section

the cloth the yarn needles, the greeting cards yawning

let’s sing along

Im dancing , I’m sitting down , sleepy head great bed

the education that you succumb too

Four parts flour scuba diving desires

that succubus

will drag you down

smelling salts to carry around

I never leave home without them…………. That’s a secret

can the gap be filled , oh the guessing game of stick men

off to a stand- off

where the merry-go-round goes around and around

and now I lay back to the ground

the dressage shire still the snows not falling

well it’s the end of a day in August

you left you hats in the different reg

and over slept roll over roll over

Did it fit

what ?

That flat freshly squeezed top hat

it’s saddle sore

the points it points

the gates the keepers

the finger of its middle glassed

finger ring ring ring

Very few get to meet and greet her

what watch ? watch with mother

that woman’s intuition

see no more second guessing

your turn next

you play with our lifes

oh the itch my back

the newspapers

scratch mine

18 tabby twitched

and stretch that bow and bend and stretch

heal toe heal toe

wheres your place salutations

I shall sow the place up the roads

its to let

it’s a old care home

toilets upstairs and down

yo yo  yoghurts bassist

row row boats

oh you cheeky silk purse

displaced water no wonder you hurt

it’s just a theory

the births  the laurel wreaths

the objectives

their plans  to get married to Stanley

here’s his show reel film box

many think the man you intend to marry maybe already dead

That black and white Television show

the foaming washing machine man

The weekends plans out the window

don’t look down

when you apparently go back and forth to where your from

shrunken heads flip that coin

the streets on time

wooden cars red carpet inside

Like those commercials

and those shrink  to fit magic beans

say his name thrice twice

reflex reflux

maybe he will take you home

for that inner ear laxative  talkathon

just relax relax relax


chalkboard cheesecake

herbal,nylons , strings , vines

the lines wiped away

what’s your favourite song when your cleaning windows ?

the repetition of another day

the reptative nature of the crawl

thats a tortoise toy he’s called

the waltzing Gilbert grapes he has wheels

and a string

he’s married to Alfred bipolar bear

thats foxes mince mint pie

step step slow step step slow

step step slow step step slow

the battery’s run down I’m walking home

on that leisure wear eggy bread

cold baths in the morning

rubber wings and napkins on your heads

strange dreams dear

it takes all sorts be a dear

and change the television to the other side

pass me the two channel guide

thats my life

maybe one day you be able to rewind

sweet dreams