Hookup hippo.

Using my campus i interviewed 

seven hookup hippo’s via 

Telephone born Cudbury 

with expertise in chewing over 

chalk scores and known 

For Assam chromatic 

timekeeping second 

too none with abilities 

In negotiating with angry

purchasers of seeds 

Sold that are unsuitable 


For permanent frost 

Tundra along with 

Machines that 

Began rusting 

Back to the fallow dirt 

On july the seventh 

nineteen Fourty three

When the fuel ran 

Drier than the datcha 

Brewed Vodka burning 

The Rubber gaskets 

Whilst Mediterranean 

Blockade of olive oil

Solution Languished 

on the Harbours within

Chained boxes alongside 

Oriental penguin toys 

Heading in opposite