Horned strung.

decadence circuitry weaves it’s sleeves amongst trees

Dismantling looms and nature planting seeds 

That never could feed the cult of a Horned strung moon 

Symphony’s that can’t Raise you to a mountain

Lions peak.

To see the lyre make the most of many 

a Scripted and open printed letters and ordinances

found within the harmonising sea waves

Lost amongst the Graphs and timeline.

As we place the long nights weight on the civilisation below

atop of a mind that grew from trees from which we draw Breathe 

Was the beginning of the end For this imperious world

When we sailed the first rafts tied with twine 

searching for Lost library’s.

As curious nature rebuilds itself as quickly

As we wrap ourselves inside a wired cage

that rusts around the apple bound

Books of calligraphers Enlightenment.