To visualise the human telegraphs tapping 

Statistics out whilst looking to those 

that dine out on thoughts of existence

For a climb to the ballroom exit

as the oxygen starved larvae eat their

own apparition and faint.
falling amongst the pitted stones on 

Peach slopes of the old silent theatre

Archaic in artistic style and substance 

Stripped Of primary colours to chant out

Whilst the introverted humidor erectus form 

A queue to vent in there animalistic state.
with a world Of chaos Roaring all around 

at the order of the whistling mouse

that wasn’t signalling the end of the road 

Just a infomercial self help guide 

made of Twelve monthly payments.
As the runners hit the pay phone with the news 

its all grass roots as the mainstreamed 

White Diode a digitalis scene of a not so 

dead carnival.
Whilst ring a Rosie thinks that it can count on

It’s over winter of a imported Cadillac whilst

Waiting to weather system currents of the city’s.
As airborn pollen falls and flowers on cactus 

Near the Symbols of symbiosis as the powers cut 

a televisual prompter for a rebirth for those that  

forgot the time travellers under illuminated arrivals.