i was a noisy eater.

I was found in retrospectical to be a noisy eater basting 

turnpike keys of cromwellian psychology and piano tuning

With splinters buried in my pedestrian feet original tooled

at a time when the brass rubbings were the fashion 

and a coastly vist to a motorway bistro to meet with

Pies overetly filled with arguments and bland rounders coffee 

Was the usual as was fielding questions usually answerable 

By the lower sect members of uncurtainy callers 

requesting solutions to solve please eat your problems 

in secret eighth movements of radioactive intolerance 

Whilst flourishing under outfall of iconic starlets 

standing upto indecent admirers in dighnys 

the sumatra rust belt wound and sixties glandular graded strings 

as glamourous Gibraltar Monkeys often exert hierarchy agreements 

and mystical food chain with temple paintings of 

Eye makeup removal  as explanations about Public signalling 

Agender is cloth explained and name change suggestion boxes 

For the dog as he chases used soft rubber 

around the recreation field of Floodlight seed trails 

Where peacocks enjoy eating spilt green onion seed.