Imaginary trams. 

I was the happiest accident waiting to happen 

Speeding through fallopian visions 

Having missed my mother’s lips 

enjoying her hips and bones 

Mistaken aural pleasure during 

the fair’s Annual vist to read seaweed 

For the forthcoming semester’s forecast

Allergic to meet and greets 

eyes leading to Leaps and bounds

into the water with 

Aphrodite origami capsicum 

Clock Watching from the beach 

where there’s no Slide rule 

and your name had All the curb 

appeal of aura Borealis 

in the cloud laden sky

Of seasonal actually depression.

If only summer could be caught it 

Should be rebuilt upon the brow of a 

Cliff it was dismantled and moved 

From those that can read maps 

Caught onto rewinding film locked 

In disposable camera watching 

The Pouring goose steep jugs 

of bombs and if this Drought 

Went on any longer eggs 

could crack the ground. 

The strikes of a gated silo within 

Walking distance of a ceiling 

With wreaths still to be laid 

And phonetic i to be placed 

At the tenders engine of a 

recorder laying notes of sympathy

Church and cordial slings 

fencing awaiting levels and narrative 

fading Out of where was the postcard 

Of If I had a hotel of course 

I’d let you shelter from the rain 

with the skeletons for 

Those searching for company and 

Thinking about the swamp we 

Don’t talk about what were 

treading in.