It’s good to have goals in life.

When the hen is seen striking silver Flint whilst ice skating on the lochs that won’t freeze you’ll find me licking the cats cream coated whiskers walking the streets in those historgraphic furcula with mothers of pearls to count the future pupating larvae out now nasally waiting to hatch and zig zag beneath the smoked filled Ethervescent blossoming candles of whites tinted in razor wire orange seclusion cage.

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As the prickle pears rot in the heat streaming across desert boots waterproofed with slippery soap and abound on dry river beds for the primary march through conclaved glass to capture the point they would later write from a Sauvignon blanc soaked lace of aplomb feed into numbered complaint box  overloaded with land gauge that frequently left road signers seeking haven found in windswept holiday sites dialed to windburn factor thirty coasts of oblique quaintness crab apple longing Forbes lunderbust Aquila tea At twelve and London waiting free haircuts once deducting the refuel punctured tyre and missing irons located with metal detector hire and private prescription from out of area no questions asked surfing vetinary we are left staring at a lamp post laying across empty street awaiting a bell to ring in the arrival of photographic mercurial snow.