Jailer in the keepsake.

You flew along way to play jailer in a keep

swoon over candy hook and sin at the keys 

Of portable Ko modal terra ferme 

And pin tails on all you see.
as Marbles fall to etched bluebirds 

rocketing and beading that rolls

Across napoleonic fields of flowering cards.
framed Carthatic ages exchanged on hands 

Of sickle leaning on planted walls that tease

You into answering calls to Four murals 

Of those remote coded au Bon Hypotenusiance.
Those trees the you lose 

And the power to use when visual

distracted by rye timed smiles looking

For liquorice 

at land locked Towns using brass ton 

Whilst looking for Murmuring maidens 

stitching Patchwork toy dolls.