Liquorice citation.

Chained by Expression the lights that stretch   

further than wisesen of sounds could of seen 

the Silo as hands knot weed to bridges 

to rub the back of futile Spectrum (~+)

barren bowls  of the treetop told 

Me be careful of what you dream 

Now scrapped As devalued brass hats rise again.
Missing ostrich eggs that are buried as shrines

across the world of nesting shores as 

Fortunes of a child scribes were hidden in scores.
breathing in the undefinable stars A hoop maker

catches the cosmos last throws of life

pagoda lilac writhing below the Liquorice belt

as mountains seen are not always climbed

And certainly never chewed.
some voices are buried under scripts 

As flying flocks try and find a resting place 

Amongst repaired mantel 

As watch makers survey fjords 

conjuring countenance and self control.