Lithographs sociopath.

Acropolis listened decisively to the diminutive 

green diode imbedded in the non flame retardant 

Chairs in a field the hogs backing off from 

under oak struck by weather conditioned 

by compliance regarding the switching of watches 

around on wrists as actuator rear lift raises

It’s fever lusting blooded nose breaks 

left opposing counts for the shouldering 

stalled under Stars as shotgun is quicken and 

Readied though little was known of strangers

blanked slates under foot as tartan sleeping bags 

housing incumbent worms hidden in sidings 

deduce the informative old bailey tussle of wobble 

scenes of earlier toy sale and white bait Conversion 

from navel gazing blues Taxidermy berries 

hooked and loaded on wreath crook

Waiting four excuses like sleeping policeman 

As rubber rings east of glazed eyed moon 

as Crows burnt the loose tongues of the 

Quarrel on pre permafrost grooved and ground 

a climbing valley approaching altitude hindsight

Heading east daylight often nonetheless 

Illuminates Situations that idealism corrupted.