Made for television.

Shop fitters lifting cameras to catch themselves 

And sticky bourbon paws caught  

Clawing fresh Portland stone.

film makers that Framed themselves 

against black and white stripes

Only to find Part of their numbered story 

missing and out of touch that your probably never find.

Four seats found for a lonely mannequin 

Searching for a education on how to build a boat

Turquoise clues are you still copper pot

beaching act green.
Smoking chrome lip stick stealing scenes

Blowing kisses at light bulb makers

Boiling point reached at the beach 

whilst trying to teach the time 

To Roller ball eyes.
All the things learnt whilst watching it worm 

its way out of a home dug pool movie

As you take leave of your  filmed senses 

during a inflight movie 

transfering Of lost copycats tapes.