Major tea brand.

highness a major tea brand too the east 

Of where the lead word in this sentence 

represents the height a monarch butterfly 

can rise too from oregano meadow 

having hatched from larch pine 

known for its durability 

such as the feather Jura sent 

Flying south when bucks are dancing 

Across the rutted tomes of 

waggle tails overwintering  

In Canterbury along the stour 

Flush with melt water snow 

Thatches that became 

Terracotta of wild roams 

At the bequest of fireside 

Fawkes Pyres of purging 

Moat and Bailey armed 

By the fireside spitting 

Amber cones delving 

In historic pancakes. 

Of Devils eggshells 

Cracking as store 

Bought maps are 

Unfurled for 

Local adventures.