Missing ball. 

Where ever there’s that missing ball 

there’s a barrow load of broken bells 

a head sorely missing jars of promises

that bee stung to marching beat

The first post thrombosis invert 

that smoking drum machine 

During the pow wow of fifty three

Painted Lichtenstein skin of golden 

Dreams a piano shorn of blackened 

Yew holding soil of redug cementrys 

turning limbs Raised to governance 

Glass and knocked back streams 

Dammed and damned so deep 

The toasts ran until sixty three 

To the gingers good fortune 

Getting stuck In the cigarette 

Deepening furrowed wry 

with keys cut out and keep 

The e fit still yet to seismically 

reaching the scenic roots of

a Monday’s child full of grace 

On grass and blue sky’s 

To the bankers restful lease of 

Long weekend with pearly reveals 

Of some like a soapbox and some 

Prefer railways that lead to guarded 

Sanctuary far from civilian Popular 

With prevail beachside gulls for 

Company the olive burnt tree. 

Containing copper and blades

Of woven rings of maybe 

Where canaries won’t 

Roost in the cactus 

Would a carp eat it. 

The seeds out of 

Finger fuck cup