Nail extension.

Knees and toes knew no leaps and bounds 

lost amongst the Jubilee line extensions 

from which hounds fall on death ears 

pricked and teased mixed 

up amongst dirt with tea leafs 

Linen chocolate mice picked holes 

the smoking trail of pocket dice 

Out and about men dressed for dinner  

Advertised In the well read post box red 

How many miles below do you think we are 

from surfacing in the Heath again

The sky never looked so appealing acting 

Now in gods grace the city’s luminescent 

with herbs growing alongside 

The smouldering edge of lakes filled 

with the newly arisen automobiles 

Being Towed as Water levels dropped

exposing the neglect showed 

To the oldest perfume factory 

Since Quarttz folded in memorial 

Soon to be Converted into cinema 

screening the sixties unveiled 

Waiting for the deliverance  

a big restoration and respray 

With hairnets in neon lipstick.