A Nameaka otter (Past tense).

When the first child born beach combed 

for what do think it would turn for that imperial coin 

Maybe a chaffinch or a ride to a watch the grave dance.
that was already filled with rebirths 

In the soon to be televised ride 

on the leather seat slip and slide 

but for a naming game.
when reanimation occurs in The night scene

where I lost myself to a door of greying sobriety 

that never once mattered.
To forget my scar until the freedom of a 

night found upon vinyl stretched mirror

Whilst a Walk around a remains of rites 

of passage Way to the wide Eyed bodacia 

Star Of automotive filmed recognition.
As doppelgängers trance a night out 

In hour long tunnel rides to silent mountains 

of forbidden ringed photography 

While trialing phonetic odes in chalked out scores

too a curious epicentric town halls

of Optical hallucinating nerves and Freud.
rejecting endings and ejecting My own lustre wear glazed ego 

I still wear so well for a barricaded hotel room guide to hide

And remember the lessons in self resuscitation 

When rationing sleep in Sinking sanded pose.
whilst cold dust of sunbathing in the meditation suite Of 

the darkest waiting room a template to the empty world 

Where ghosts pass me on a bridge 

from where I watch snakes coiling flame beneath tea clipper.

A Nameaka otter.