Where lavish praise failed to reward the ego

Cemented hands which it longed to match its own

multiple existences.

therapeutic attempts at removing 

the social distortion of its irrelevance 

PreProgrammed human subconscious 

seeing only itself in the flawed abstract 

reflective cubes 

And the Easily acquired ideals its world 

based on television listings.
When stripped back your graded caged 

and now beyond aeronautical rescue

When the lures that once worked Become as redundant 

as the electrical embers of the removed Fuse

Of deco dot match tricks recreated in faraday fireplace.
The Sequential quail is placed back into plastic Hatchery 

The helixes deskarpments of light that fast forwarded us

Through a notion of a nervous system degrading into captcha 

Fertilisation of timed lapsed strobing eyes Numerical semi paralysis

as axis keys are removed And switches now inserted to prevent 

skeletons that climb into the vertices of a branchlined 

hang up on a radio scrambled mind 

of infidelity as restless as the negative 

sepia suspension gypsum 

that freedom that Fell from the frozen cliff 

failing seams of antiquated dust coated  sequinned wings 

A beacon now behind the steam roaring turbine 

the jettisoned travel short on conversation 

observation of Origin of design and purpose.

Flights of folly and internal warning signs 

the aluminium fragmention of exploding pressurised drinks 

freezing as masks drop and popping ears hear the rapture 

forgetting the red fields below.

The Perfume scenting the airborn silo 

A Touch down return to lands of the petrified lakes 

As Lost limbs are found amongst 

figure of eight carousels And Bags of unclaimed life.