Oceanic cornets.

In hindsight a canaries mind might not of been 

The best choice for a transplant as their  

Needs for paper tray changes.


once in a while as the weeds seem to need pulling up 

along the railways edge i look out to for ports  

To bottle this isolating weather 

that was my emotion the Elusive sea legs 

as every hen will tell you there’s 

no joy in oceanic conquest the descriptive 

alerts coming in over radios.

are not for mere mortal as I’m not a tableaux 

of Hyde phonics that’s are.


Reserved for the eyes of airborne 

Gravity equations numbered 

by terrestrial flesh eaten cornets

Pricked up even by dogs scenting lamppost 

hypocrisy is non organic fish eyed lens

filtering frogs with its reflection of  

sticker less coffee.

Arguments found as a periodic poster 

they chewed gum pier side 

of four plus five equals one jar of Spears

Ferris gliding past as its lucks in with a 

twin pack of burnt rubber.