Once I had a hat.

As I chase a cat and a cat chased me 

my hat flew off over a bridge but I’m not hat free

sugar free gum is still saccharine and costs a fair penny.

Cisterns overflowing along the pebble dashed ridge
As glistening fish reminds me 

bellows say bonjour to old fellows you pass on stairs.

A Chess set fields of a steam sewn view hessian stretched

once a pun a middle Such as what didn’t  I miss 

A beautiful girl who is a man 

Looking for solicitors for the night at a decent hourly rate

For prematurely delayed teas maid 

a carriage clock to your carriage door 

and here’s my key made of Machined parts 

that spill out of yellow Formed plastic bin 

I came as a robot left as a lion 

I later went on to win a first prize in a fancy dress show beating 

A bear look alike advertising laundry detergent

and a burning through rubber man made 

cocktail lined up to down in one.

A distant roar of a deserted pine lined mountain and a old score 
you should of possibly or shouldn’t of left or tried to right at a gong

when returning Home with reminders on checker tiled floors

With nap sack and a stick and hound playing patience 

At a table you built when speed dialing a catalogue store 

and plans to buy a sky high tower way out west.

you should of tamed your temper.

Before unleashing a zoo On a calm terra firma.
Without checking for a stitched name first

It saves life’s like a dotty dog without spots eating 

strawberry shortcake rice paper illusion 

you and raise you a gate to a interchange of a fragment theatre 

Whilst movie sound tracks and lemonade carts.

As the canal tooth sails us past a hapless hill above 

Your line of sight blocked by a staircase featurette

Barriers with fish and games keepers 

So take my ticket and visit the booth for me.

I like bouquets of flowers and tried reading the 

Fortune of a loaf of bread in one breath 

before fainting in a blueberry pie house 

Rolling pins and halo hairdos are not funny

But your nose has bones like yours and mine 

Enjoyable drum solo 

bake mice ice biscuits that Picts once Baked 

with oats and were originally called picthoard   

Well well well I keep the recipe wth me in my handkerchief 

On my head.

they are often taken with poire and creme anglaise sorbet 

as they Probably were once taken in Devon at brunch

Like collecting empty milk star badge bottles 

for the once out  Of town diary car park

please comb over to side two of the ashtray

If you enjoy listening to the precorded answer machine

On side one.

And weather to or not two drink Rioja 

usually first reserved for marinading moths 

Two fat ducks as its rocks caravans 

in the night possessed by free spirits

Of a congenial visit for cakes in swinging trees.

Where the family photos saw what you did 

Whilst Covering over paper fissures 

in earthquake zones with a laboratory 

And decently expensive plastic surgeon 

you could become anyone’s son 

even a turquoise emu or a ginger biscuit fox 

Or hope the opticians don’t offer free eye tests

And glasses to find the map room to the drinks cabinets.